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Redesigning your office

1. Workplace design is important in 2020!

Companies are now realising the direct impact their office environment has on business prosperity. You need to ensure you are putting enough emphasis into your workplace design to enhance productive, efficiency and attract new talent.

2. Growing team

If you are experiencing company growth, then you will need a workplace which successfully accommodates your expanding team’s working needs. A redesign of your office allows you to make the most of your existing space by offering employees more choice on how and where they work.

3. Maximise productivity

Working in the same environment for a long period of time can have a negative effect on productivity. A new workplace design can significantly increase productivity levels, as your employees will feel happier in a more positive environment. Based on our survey, 95% of Zimbabwean workers agree their office environment can affect their morale at work, which directly impacts business success.

4. Strong company culture

At PostCorp Glass we believe in two things: great office design and great office culture. Office design and company culture are so inextricably linked, it can be hard to get one without the other. Creating a collaborative and flexible design with breakout spaces can be a tangible way to improve your company culture and motivate your team. Your people are the driving force of your success and your workspace is the vehicle for that success.

5. Flexible working

More and more businesses are embracing flexible working models. People are seeking flexibility and a choice on how they work. Companies looking to attract and retain talent are actively embracing flexible working to provide employees with a better work/life balance.

6. Generational preferences

Generations Y and Z are transforming the workplace. These generations have grown up with greater access to tech than any other generation. Companies looking for the best talent should use their workplace as a vital selling tool to attract new team members.

7. Creating social pathways

One of the key differentiators between average and outstanding workplaces is the ability to successfully communicate across different departments. A well-considered layout and design can create social pathways to offer people an opportunity to socialise and communicate. This can contribute to building stronger relationships and networks within your organisation, as well as improving efficiency.

8. Enhanced brand perception

A well-designed workplace can make an amazing impression on new clients. Based on our survey results, 85% of people feel clients make a judgement of a business based on its office environment. If a client arrives in an old, tired office they won’t be mesmerised, compared to walking into an innovative, fresh workspace.

9. Sustainability

Making your workplace design sustainable can help you reduce annual energy costs, stay competitive and become more efficient in the workplace. Furthermore, a greener office can lead to a happier and more productive place to work in. It can be as simple as going paperless, improving lighting and air quality or creating a fully certified, sustainable officer to enhance your green credentials.

10. Inspire wellbeing

72% of people we surveyed believe their office environment has negatively affected their physical or mental wellbeing. Adopting practices which inspire wellbeing in the workplace contributes to having a happier and more productive team. There are many different factors to incorporate throughout your work environment to successfully enhance individual wellbeing.

11. Reduce operating costs

With the growing pressures of rising costs and competition, the office has to work harder to remain in operation. More businesses are moving towards an agile workspace because less space is needed, which means less floor space with cheaper rent and operating costs.

12. Plan for growth

Ideally your company will continuously expand, so having the flexibility to grow when needed will allow talent to join your company without the need to refurbish or relocate. This way, if you bring in new people, you will have the floor space to accommodate them. If there is no physical room for growth then it may be time to consider expanding your office space.


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